Life After LIBOR: Eurodollar Edition

So you’ve heard that LIBOR is going away, due to be replaced by SOFR? Well, if you’re not a regular user of interest rate swaps & swaptions (which, unless you’re an institutional-level client, is probably true), then what you really care about is how this impacts the thing you can most readily trade: Eurodollar futures. Here’s how Eurodollars are going to work after LIBOR.

Liquidity, Funding & the Gathering Storm

I tend to think about coverage of “Liquidity and the Funding Market” in the same way as “Child Stars of the 90s and the Eurotrash Nightclub Scene”. If they’re making headlines these days, it’s not because things are going well for Liquidity; it’s because they’ve been discovered face-down in a miasmic pool of ever-deepening turpitude & even their best friends are starting to get really, REALLY worried…

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